Tokenomics of$SUPER

Fellowship DAOs


We are driven by our vision of the future

and this is what it will look like in the sense of tokenomics:

The Future

Let's start off with what you don't want to hear: The token supply is not fixed - it's our everyday token and we aim to avoid gigantic price fluctuations over time.

We believe in incentivizing collaboration instead of competition among all the people & communities living in our society.


To achieve that we are about to introduce innovative mechanisms that will support people in contributing to the common good with their unique skill sets and receive SUPER in exchange for it. These tokens will be newly minted and hard to get.

Now to the good parts.

Superciety will also offer a various and expanding set of public services. These will require its users to either hold or trade SUPER. A lot of these traded tokens will be burned, decreasing the total supply & possibly leading to SUPER becoming deflationary - or only slightly inflationary.

The Utility of $SUPER

As mentioned above, services provided by Superciety require you to hold or trade SUPER. In addition to that, SUPER is also our governance token. Everyone who owns SUPER will be able to take part in community voting which steers the future of Superciety.

As a result of all the above, the power of your vote is proportional to how useful you have been to the common good in the past.

The Superciety ecosystem is designed to shift wealth & voting power to those who are deliberately useful to the common good.

welcome to superciety. more to come soon.