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Built on Elrond Blockchain

We are building the society we want to live in.
One that

puts its people over everything else with:


is how people know you in Superciety

incentivizes collaboration over competition with:


are communities working towards a common goal

builds tools that are owned by everyone with:

Public Services

help us free our time and make lives easier

Fellowship DAOs

are next-level communities that share a common goal

They incentivize collaboration over competition – with people coming together to work on something they believe in.

No Boss. No Hierarchies. All decentralized.

Whether you are an ambitious project, a local sports club, or an internet community, you can be a Fellowship too.

From 0 to 1 in seconds!

Fellowships provide you with an all-in-one toolkit including everything needed to efficiently manage your decentralized community.


Complicated, Bureocratic, Manual Work

After Fellowships:

Easy to use, Transparent, Distributed Power, Maximum Automation

Everything you need for a next-level community:

Distributed Power

All members own a proportional piece of the Fellowship.

Propose Ideas

Members can propose ideas & future actions.

Community Voting

All members can vote on other's proposals based on their stake.


A pool of coins & tokens owned by the Fellowship.

Attract Talents

Benefit from Superciety by finding the right talents for your project.


Publicly appear in Superciety for everyone else to see.

Unknown Token Logo

Explore the World of Fellowships

Whether you want to participate in decentralized communities or create your own. Fellowship DAOs are where you want to be.

Find Fellowships

Fellowships are based on Elrond's ESDT tokens

Those who own the token own a proportional piece of the community - enabling true ownership among its members.

Let's get into more detail:

Create impactful Proposals

Members owning the Fellowship's token can propose ideas & changes to the Fellowship DAO.

This is how you create an inclusive community where ideas💡 start to flourish.


Let us purchase ...

By Beniamin (@beniamin)

Participate in Community Voting

Quickly vote on proposals of other members.

Make your vote count & steer the future of your community together.

10 MyTokenvs2 MyToken

Use the above to easily manage assets from the

The Vault

contains all kinds of assets owned by your community, governed by a Smart Contract.

This includes any coins & tokens that exist on Elrond Blockchain.

Fellowship Vault Preview
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Ready to create your Fellowship DAO?

Creating a Fellowship is a matter of minutes with benefits for a life-time.

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Superciety is an Ecosystem of DAOs

which allows you to

Attract extraordinary Talents

Benefit from the wide range of Talents within Superciety and win over their hearts❤️ for your community.


are the faces of the people in Superciety.

Matchmaking with SuperIDs

is coming soon.

Claim your SUPERID now

And all of that is powered by $SUPER

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Don't own $SUPER yet?

$SUPER is the essence of Superciety – our currency. We use it for everything: Setting up SUPERID, creating Fellowships, ... and even as a store of value.

If you don't own $SUPER yet, you may be missing out. In our biased opinion.

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Find more info inside our Litepaper

Our litepaper is continously updated as we grow and learn.
View the latest presentation or text version .

Superciety is powered by
Blockchain & Smart Contracts

Ensuring high transparency, verifiability & trustability by anyone.

Many Heroes. One Goal.

This is Superciety.

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