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Superciety helps communities & organizations become highly autonomous, transparent, and vastly decentralized.
It's how we build a society of distributed power.

So simple,
even Grandma can participate

Just send her your Token on MultiversX Blockchain, and she's a member of the Fellowship DAO.

Fellowship members can:

  • Vote on proposals
  • Propose ideas themselves
  • Propose actions on the blockchain
  • Have deep insights into the DAO

Accept Payments with xMoney on our Website

By Grandma

or run on-chain polls:

Poll Results

  • 80%
    Pizza 🍕
  • 20%
    Sandwich 🥪

So flexible,
it's used by clubs, teams & businesses

Fellowship DAOs adapt to your workflow.
Not the other way around.

Choose a Voting Method that fits:

  • Basic Token Voting

    Members vote based on the amount of tokens they own.

  • NFT Voting

    Allows anyone to vote with their unique NFT.

  • Signature-based Voting

    Allows whitelisted addresses to vote.

Fellowship Voting Methods Preview

So powerful,
the only one who sets limits is you

Manage Roles & Permissions as it fits you best.

  • Create custom roles
  • Manage your members' roles
  • Create special permissions for roles
  • Full transparency for all members
Read the Docs
Permissions Demo

Even customize Permissions for Proposal Actions:

Call Smart Contract erd1qqqq...lst77y4l with Function: stake

Call Smart Contract erd1qqqq...lst77y4l with Function: buyItem

Arguments: item1Payments: 2,000 SUPER-507aa6

One Fellowship.
One Vault

It contains all kinds of assets owned by your community, governed by a Smart Contract.

This includes any coins & tokens that exist on MultiversX Blockchain.

Fellowship Vault Preview

Manage Vault Assets with Proposal Actions:

Send 2,000 SUPER-507aa6 to erd16x7l...zs75tzry

Send 1.5 EGLDto erd1qqqq...lst77y4l

Send 4,000,000 MEX-455c57 to erd1qqqq...lst77y4l

Exceptional Talents. Everywhere.

Attract highly dedicated people for your project who seek to find passion projects for themselves.


are the faces of the people in Superciety.

Fellowships + SuperIDs

Benefit from an ecosystem of Talents & DAOs.

Claim your SUPERID now
Fellowship Vault Preview
Super Token Logo

Powered by $SUPER Token

$SUPER is the essence of Superciety – our currency. We use it for everything: Setting up SUPERID, creating Fellowships, enabling more features, and even as a store of value.

If you don't own $SUPER yet, you may be missing out. In our biased opinion.

Get $SUPER now

And there's so much more:

  • DAO Branding

    Set a custom Avatar, add social links & much more

  • Fellowship Events

    Schedule Events that are promoted across Superciety (coming soon)

  • Discord + Telegram Bot

    Connect Discord & Telegram Bots to your Fellowship to always keep up-to-date

  • Timelines

    Easy access to latest activities for Fellowships & SUPERIDs

  • Follow System

    Connecting with like-minded people is only a click away

  • Discovery

    Publicly appear in Superciety for everyone else to see

This is what people are saying about Superciety

  • Lucian Mincu Portrait
    Impressed to see the smooth onboarding and governance experience incorporated by Superciety dApp.🔥 One of the best UX for DAOs on MultiversX.

    Lucian Mincu

    Co-founder, MultiversX & Maiar Apps

  • Dragos Dan Portrait
    Awesome tools, guidance and professionalism offered on the MultiversX blockchain by the Superciety Team for any project that wants to take decentralisation one step further via DAOs.

    Dragos Dan

    Founder, Plata Network

  • Lucas Manea Portrait
    The platform is always improving, making interacting with DAOs beginner friendly and extremely powerful.

    Lucas Manea

    Founder, Landboard.io

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Fellowship DAOs provide you with an all-in-one toolkit to efficiently manage your decentralized community.

Superciety is based on
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Ensuring high transparency, verifiability & trustability by anyone.

Many Heroes. One Goal.

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