Build Utopia
with us

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Built on Elrond Blockchain

We are building the society we want to live in.

One where humans dedicate their time to what’s important to them and modern technology does the rest.

We are dreaming of a Society that

puts its people over everything else with:


is how people know you in Superciety

Coming this year

incentivizes collaboration over competition with:


are communities working towards a common goal

Coming in 2022

builds tools that are owned by everyone with:

Public Services

help us free our time and make lives easier

Coming in 2022

One with people full of meaning and strength:


are the foundation of Superciety

They are a source of knowledge & wisdom, are emotionally strong, and live a life of meaning, creativity, and free play.

Our service Freeiam is designed to help you

become Superhuman

We have all the technology & resources available to build utopia.

Now, we need courageous people who don't shy away from tearing down conventional approaches by building systems that make the old ones obsolete.